Lavandula angustifolia belongs to the mint family, and its captivating fragrance is a blend of mint, rosemary and rich floral notes. Its name comes from the word “lavare”, which means “to wash”. It grows to a height of 30-70 cm in the form of a bush, and during July it acquires an intense and recognizable purple color.
Its pleasant appearance and smell are only a small part of its charms, as its advantages are numerous, and we made an effort to use each and every one of them.


Organic lavender is the main ingredient of sophisticated abp products that aspire for harmony of mind and body.

We used its soothing effect and emphasized every benefit it has in each of our products.

When it comes to your skin, let abp body cream make it soft and smooth. We have preserved the enchanting scent of lavender in the abp candle, so that it dispels all the worries and feelings of tension.

When you are relaxed enough, falling asleep comes naturally with our abp pillow spray. We have expressed special love for your body in abp oil that will regenerate, rehydrate, and revitalize it.

And we have preserved the very essence of lavender flowers in abp essential oil, which is enough to calm and relax you in two to tree drops so that you can feel the present moment again.


Lavender is grown and usually harvested from the fields by hand. The flowers are tied in bundles and laid out to dry for several weeks. When the flowers are sufficiently dried, it is time for steam distillation. During the distillation process, there is no contamination with acetone or hexane used in other extraction methods.
During distillation, the lavender buds are placed over boiling water, and as the boiling water gently steams the lavender, the high pressure and heat the oil out of the flowers. The steam carries the mixture of steam and oil to the condenser where the essence is cooled and re-liquefied. The steam turns into hydrosol, aromatic water, better known as “floral water”, and the precious drops of lavender oil separate naturally.