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It is enough to use 2-3 drops of oil to fill your atmosphere with a superb fragrant note that supports healthy emotional balance, calms the mind and helps to renew the spirit. Step into the enchanting world of aromatherapy with natural, pure & unrefined essential oil. Let the magic of smell and serenity conquer you.


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pray the pillow 2-3 times with an organic lavender spray and indulge in a scent that relaxes your mind and your body. Immerse yourself in dreams filled with the scents of lavender fields.


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Organic lavender body oil that can be used as a massage oil, a body moisturiser and even a bath oil. Sensational organic lavender oil is intended to regenerate the skin, supporting collagen production, softening and revitalizing dry skin. And a little bit goes a lot, so you don’t have to use much per application.


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It can be used as a day and night skin care. This rich body cream locks in moisture, leaving sensitive skin smooth and deeply hydrated. Maintains healthy, soft, toned skin. It helps the natural beauty of your skin to shine in full splendor.