We find that beauty starts within, and the care and attention we give to our body make our inner glow shine in all its might. ABP combines the sophistication of these moments of self-joy and self-love with its power, enriching us with unique and unforgettable experiences.

Essential oils

to know the enchanting world of aromatherapy begins with essential oil, the flagship product of the ABP line. Experience ravishing aromatic notes that bring numerous benefits to both body and mind.

Pillow sprays

It’s time for a good night’s sleep. Order your pillow spray, spray it two to three times and feel what it really means to sink into relaxation and dreams filled with the scents of lavender fields.
It’s time to feel the beauty of sound sleep and tucked-in relaxation. With just two to three drops on the pillow, the dream acquires a new, purple shape.

Body oil.

When you want your skin to shine, nourished by nature and become irresistibly soft and gentle to the touch, ABP oil provides the necessary regeneration, rehydration and revitalization.

Body cream

Experience a luxurious feeling of rich care with a body cream that provides sensitive skin with the necessary recovery, and restores the necessary freshness and strength to normal skin.

Hand cream

Sometimes, nature whispers the most beautiful secrets through the silky touch of healthy, hydrated, and fragrant skin. Lavender, as a natural oxidant, in combination with other natural ingredients, regenerates collagen, revitalizes skin tone, and perfectly hydrates your hands, while easily becoming an important part of your morning and evening rituals of care.


Bring peace to your home and let the scent of organic lavender relax you with ease and gently disperse feelings of exhaustion and nervousness. Your home is filled with the relaxing effect of the ABP candle in no time.
The home becomes an oasis of peace, with the relaxing effect of ABP candles. Enriched with essential oils, ABP candles become an indispensable part of the relaxation ritual.
Low-spectrum light combined with the aromatic aromatic candle of organic lavender, stimulates the limbic system, in charge of the most beautiful memories.
Ennoble your space and make it a part of a future memory to which every moment you will gladly return.


Lavender -
A masterpiece of nature