220 gr

2.280,00 RSD

Let the low-spectrum light and the scent emitted by aromatic candles stimulate your limbic system, responsible for memories and feelings.
abp candle with lavender scent small 220gr

220 gr

2.280,00 RSD

Low-spectrum light combined with the aromatic aromatic candle of organic lavender, stimulates the limbic system, in charge of the most beautiful memories.

About the product

Each of our candles is handcrafted from eco-friendly resin, carefully filled with soy wax, and enriched with organic lavender essential oil.


What's it for

The smell of organic lavender will dispel the feeling of fatigue and turn your home into an oasis of tranquility

How to use it

When you light candle, please don’t keep it burning longer than 4 hours or without supervision. Before using it again, wait for the candle wax to return to its original, solid state.



  • Lavandula Angustifolia
  • Flower Extract and Soy Wax

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