About Us

ABP story

The Abp story begins in the vast fields of Tamnjanica, an eco-plantation near Bela Palanka, where organic lavender, which is the primary ingredient of the abp line, is grown with special care. Our desire was to award our skin with natural ingredients, which is why all our products are based on essential oils and natural resources.

ABP philosophy

For us, beauty starts from within, and the care and recognition we give to our body makes the potential we possess shine with all its might. Abp combines the sophistication of the moment in which we enjoy and love ourselves, and the strength that comes from that love, powerful enough to provide us with unique, unrepeatable, and unforgettable experiences.

ABP mission

Sometimes self-love starts with just one simple touch. We want that touch to be tender, gentle, and healing. We may start with the skin care, but our mission is to awaken self-care, consistency, openness and self-compassion in each of our users and thus encourage them to turn their dreams into reality.